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When you decide to make the switch to solar power, you will be receiving a host of benefits, Evolution Solar and Electricals' team is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. With over10 years of experience, we can offer you cost-effective solutions to power your home or business

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When you choose to make the switch to solar power, you will be dealing with our dedicated, professional team. We will guide you from start to finish, and always be available post installation - with Evolution Solar and Electrical you're not just another sale - you're a valued customer - we are not a sales based organisation - customer service and satisfaction is what we base our business on.

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You may be curious about the cost of a solar power installation versus the return on investment. As solar technology has advanced and gained in popularity, it has also become more affordable. The return on investment is much quicker than it once was, energy prices are only going to increase, take control of your electricity bills now with solar!

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